Even if you’re not paying much attention, you’ve probably picked up on the suggestion that the best parts of today’s culture are born out of technology. This past weekend, I ate with, laughed with, and conspired with an electric group of people that reaffirmed for me that the motor that keeps our most glorified companies, products, industries (and so on) chugging along, are in fact, people.

Photo Jan 25, 4 37 58 PM

The Dream Factory is a brunch series started two years ago by Rashid Zakat and Maiya Norton, two friends who realized that for all the shortcomings we all face while hustling on our creative projects, the solution lives with other people. And people love brunch, so that was that. The gathering, that will begin to occur bi-monthly, serves as part skill share, part networking opportunity, and part ratchet grubdown. Nothing about it sucks.
Leaving the brunch made me imagine myself a decade from now, finally able to utilize industry-cool tropes, like: I remember when (insert one of the million ideas discussed, here) was just a crazy thought that (insert dope DF person, here) had over brunch. We had no idea it would get this big (except we all fully expect to blow up in a big way). The brunch provides encouraging company to be with, at a time when there are books being published, warning of the possible killing of the creative class. Idea making has become the new stocks, a capitalist playground where hopeful millionaires spin presumed needs into the next big “innovation” (cue cute piano-and-banjo jingle). These are the kinds of ideas that are invented in boardrooms, based on formulas and algorithms, as opposed to living rooms and cafes, based on passions and potential. Call me old fashioned, but the latter still sounds better to me. The Dream Factory feasts stand as a force against the erosion of good ol’ fashion “vibing”.

If anyone is a believer in people power (and the eating, and the drinking and gallivanting together), it’s Maneesh Goyal and the troops at MKG, who supported this edition of the event. Maneesh is the founder and President of both MKG, a kick-ass experiential agency, and Live in the Grey, a group of community builders with a mission to perfect the work/life balance by blending the two sides. I’m super grateful that they were able to help me blend my mind and my belly. They’re both better for it.
Sometimes I feel like I sound redundant, like an echo from Fast Company, or Seth Godin’s lackey, but this is important for anyone trying to live a creative life, and bears repeating: find a community. You cannot live, let alone create, in a vacuum. Art begets art. And wine helps.

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